Choosing the Proper Tires for your Vehicle

Do you want a tire that will optimize the handling of your vehicle in all conditions except for ice and snow, or are you searching for tires that will last for a long time and keep you safe in any weather conditions? The differences between all-weather and summer tires can make a big difference in driving performance.

Summer tires are made of a stiffer rubber compound that has additives to increase the traction on hot roads. They can maintain their shape more effectively and will not only increase the performance of the car, but also improve its gas mileage. 

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What the Clay Bar Can Do For Your Car

Our team at Concord Honda wants you to know how to keep your car looking sharp. Learning to use the clay bar is one great way to accomplish this.

Even when kept in a garage, your car is under constant siege from airborne contaminants that try to bond with its exterior and can do serious damage if not removed. Bug residue, road chemicals, industrial waste, and brake dust are only a few of the things your car is exposed to on a daily basis. 

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The Reasons Why Car Covers are Important

Although you might be doing everything possible to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape, little things are working against you that you might not even be aware of by not covering your car. A car cover can shield the sun from fading the paint and the car interior. Each day, those UV rays are slowly fading the color to the point that it gets lighter and lighter without you realizing until it is too late. 

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How to Avoid Getting Distracted While Driving

There are many distractions all around you when you are driving, and Concord Honda wants you to do what you can to avoid letting those distractions get to you and keep you from driving safely. One of the ways that you can limit the distractions around you when you are driving is to cut back on the number of people you haul around at a time. You do not have to fill your vehicle with friends each time that you head out on a trip, especially if it serves as a distraction for you.  
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Test Driving: What To Do and Where

Are you thinking about buying a used car? Taking the vehicle on a test drive can be fun, but here are some tips to make sure you get the most information from that experience.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You will want to test drive more than one car. Don’t try and squeeze it in before dinner time. Once you have selected a car to test, note how easy it is to climb in and out of. Is the seat comfortable, and do you have enough head and legroom? 

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Consider a Hatchback When You Are Car Shopping

We at Concord Honda are dedicated to helping you find the right vehicle for your situation. A hatchback is generally overlooked but has many benefits, such as the larger cargo area and the fact that they retain their value better than a sedan.

One of the recognizable features of a hatchback is the fact that it can carry much more than a sedan's trunk. Most hatchbacks are also able to fold the rear seats back and offer even more space for hauling items. Many come with privacy shelves for those who prefer the privacy of a trunk. 

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How to Replace a Flat Tire

If you have ever seen a person on the side of the road, bent over looking at a tire, you know that feeling of dread when your own tires start to get low or even go completely flat. However, changing a flat tire is actually quite simple with the right tools. You simply need a lug wrench, jack, and spare tire. You may also want to have wheel wedges, gloves, flashlights, and a flat tire repair kit.

The wheel wedges prevent your car from slipping once you put the jack on. The jack should slip into grooves by the tire…

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Myth vs. Truth About Motor Oil

As a responsible vehicle owner, you should be educated about an essential component of your car, the motor oil. There are a wide variety of myths out there about oil, and it's essential to know the truth about them so that you can make more informed automotive service decisions.

Many people will tell you that if your motor oil's color is black, it should be changed immediately. This is a common myth, since a dark color can often indicate that oil is simply doing its job by absorbing dirty elements. 

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How to Test a Vehicle Battery

The battery in your vehicle is responsible for starting the engine and powering the vehicle while it is running. This includes providing power to both the engine and electronic accessories. As so much depends on a reliable and fully charged battery, it is a good idea to test the battery if the vehicle is having problems starting, the seasons are changing or you will be taking a long drive.

You need a voltmeter and protective gloves to test the battery. First, connect the positive red voltmeter lead to the positive red battery terminal. 

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Choosing Between Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Options

It is time for you to choose a new vehicle to get you around in Concord, CA and you need to figure out if you will go with a front-wheel or a rear-wheel drive vehicle. You have to know the differences between those two types of vehicles.

A rear-wheel drive vehicle is balanced well. This kind of vehicle will handle well when you are driving it because of the way that the whole thing is balanced. A front-wheel drive vehicle gives you traction when you are driving in rain or snow. 

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